Some Raptors facts:

Raptors – Birds of prey are dived into several groups.
Owls, Vultures, Falcon, Eagles and Hawks – Secretary birds.
Birds of prey, also known as raptors are birds that pursues other animals for food.
Bateleur Eagles are one of the most colorful raptors.
One of the smallest birds of prey,is the pygmy falcon of Africa. In adulthood, it reaches a weight of about 60g and has a wing span of about 0.3m
. The largest eagle in Africa , the Martial Eagle,weighs up to 6.2kg, and has a wingspan of 1.9m to 2.4m. Not all vultures have featherless faces. The Bearded Vulture usually does not have to worry about getting its head and face dirty. They almost exclusively feed on nutritious bone marrow and bones.All birds of prey have hook-tipped beaks and sharp curved claws, called talons. The fastest bird on earth is the Peregrine Falcon. When in its hunting dive, it can reach a maximum recorded airspeed of 389km/p/h. Secretary birds use the thickened soles of their feet to stamp on their prey, stunning it and then swallowing it whole.
Owls cannot move their eyes, because of this, they are able to rotate their head 270°. This is still further than any other animal.
By swiveling its head round 270°, it allows the Owl to achieve 360° vision.
Birds of prey usually mate for life.
There are two kinds of raptors diurnal or day-fliers which include hawks, falcons, vultures, ospreys and eagles. Nocturnal raptors include the owls. These swift fliers eat and hunt animals. They have a short sharp-hooked beak, strong feet with sharp talons, keen eyesight.

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“Until you spread your wings; you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.” – Napoleon Bonaparte