Interesting Predators facts:

Being an apex predator at the top of the food chain, is tough.
Predators need to kill and eat other animals to survive, but for many species most pursuits end in failure.
African wild dogs – 85% successful kills but lose half of their kills to other carnivores such as hyenas and lions.
Cheetah – 58% successful kills.
Leopard – 38% successful kills.
Lions – 25% successful kills.
Lion can sleep, or at least rest for up to 20 hours per day.
Lions have a white line right underneath their eyes which assists them with night vision.
Lion cubs are born with blue eyes that change to amber or brown when around the age of two to three months.
The leopard is the most elusive and secretive of the large cats.
A leopard’s tail is almost the same length as its body. Their long tails mainly assist them with balance when climbing.
Leopards can run up to 58km/h, and are also famous for their incredible agility and strength to climb trees while dragging a kill that is sometimes heavier than their body weight.
Leopards can see seven times better in the dark than humans.
Cheetah estimated to be capable of running at 80 to 128 km/h.
Unlike big cats like the lion, cheetahs are unable to roar.
Spotted hyenas show shocking signs of intelligence that rivals most wild animals in Africa.
Hyenas surprisingly are one of the best mothers in the animal kingdom, investing more energy per cub than any other terrestrial carnivore.
Unlike domestic dogs, wild dogs only have four toes per forefoot.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  – Albert Einstein

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