Insects Photography:

Insects photography, is all about making a small object appear larger than life in your photograph.
A lot of the time you have to get really close to your subject to make that happen.
The point of focus is very important,when shooting small subjects like insects.
Try experimenting with different camera angles.
Lighting is a common problem in insect photography.
Lighting should look as natural as possible, by combining some flash with the natural light available.
Many of the insects have very large and detailed eyes.
If you capture an insect’s eyes, your photos will reach a whole new level.
You might try getting down to the level of the insect, so that your camera seems to peer directly into the insect’s little world.
Sharpness is one of the most important facets of insect photography.
Use a fast shutter speed if you want a sharp photo – insects can be very fast and they move a lot.
The next thing to do, is to look at the background.
A blurred background will keep the attention on the insect.
The best time for insect photography is early morning.
Insects are less active and you have a better chance to capture them.
Be as slow and as still as possible.
Do not let your shadow fall on them; that’s when they’ll start to feel insecure or get distracted and fly away.
The most important tip that I can give you for improving your insect photography, is to spend as much time as possible getting to know your subject.
Aim for a small aperture if you want to have more than just a tiny part of the insect in focus.

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