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Meet Fanie en Annette Heymans

A fun-loving husband and wife team. Fanie and Annette Heymans are both amateur photographers, residing in a city called Welkom, Free State Province, South Africa. They are passionate about the great outdoors, and wildlife.

Their interest in photography came into existence a couple of years ago, when they started off by joining a local hiking club. They already did hikes in all corners of South Africa, the most favourite place of course the Drakensberg mountain range in Kwazulu Natal.

While Fanie and Annette Heymans were exploring nature on foot, they have realized that there are so many opportunities to capture the beautiful scenery, and wildlife. As a result of that, photography became another passionate hobby. For photography the most favourite place is the Kgalagadi. Especially in the drier months when the grass is short and the animals congregate at the waterholes. There is of course a lot more National parks in South Africa and a lot or private game reserves, which I hope to visit all some day.

They have joined the local photographic club, SAVAS, (St. Andrews Visual Arts Society) during 2005, and enjoy their fellow photographers and their work tremendously. In their club, both have reached the”Masters” star grading.

Fanie and Annette Heymans are also affiliated members of the PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa.)


They started to enter into National and International Salons, and have won several club and PSSA medals for their achievements.

Fanie holds the following PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa) honours. FPSSA, EPSSA and APSSA (VERS). Annette has obtained her LPSSA. Fanie also finished under the top ten for the PSSA Impala Trophy for 4 years already. Internationally Fanie has won a FIAP badge and ribbon for best author on FIAP Salon 2013/255. Annette won First place in the Nature Division of a International Salon and won a PSA Gold medal from the Photographic Society of America, for her photo ” In the Dust”

Annette Photo ” In the Dust”. PSA Gold medal winner 2nd Garden Route International Salon 2010.

“In the Dust” was a big one for Annette. She won many competitions and had many commendation for this beautiful photo. This is a typical dry arid, desert photo that describes Africa at it’s best. A beautiful herd of Springbok were on their way to the water hole after a hard day in the warm African sun looking for something to graze on. The light and the dust on this photo is just magic. I’ve got almost the same photo as Annette, but mine just lack the mood and atmosphere that Annette photo reflects.

Annette’s Photo of a lion fight at “Marie se draai” waterhole in Kgalagadi, was selected as  photo of the week in the electronic version of the “WEG”/GO magazine.

Annette and I was at “Marie se Draai” waterhole very early one morning, in English it means “Mary’s turn”, as the road forms a loop of about 11 km.  As we approached the turning point of the loop, we found a pride of about 10 lions, soaking wet of the previous night’s rain still visible on their skin. 5 of these lions were teenagers, of which two were males.

Then there were  two other majestic adult male lions, clearly not part of the pride. One could see that they were in their prime stage of their life. They were in the process to take over the pride . The two young teenagers was a threat to their plan.  This was the main reason for the attack on the young teenage male lion.

A lesson that this teenager will never forget. To get the lionesses to mate, the older males have to get rid of the two younger males, and the only way was  by chasing them out of the pride. It was a vicious fight,as one could hear the earth trembling of their roars. Annette and I really felt sorry for the young male lion, as it was very traumatic for him. But this is  life in Africa. Survival of the fittest.  Annette capture the action magnificently on this photo.

Fanie Secretary bird with a Puff Adder as its meal, was featured in Wild Card Winter 2018 Edition magazine.  

A lovely picture taken in the Kgalagadi of a Secretary bird busy eating a Puff Adder, a very piousness snake. Lightning and DOF on this photo is excellent. It is a large bird of prey. It loves eating snake, lizards and small mammals. You will find them stamp there feet on the ground and grass to scare up lizards, grasshoppers and small mammals. I just love watching them coming in for a landing and take-off, as they need a proper runway to do that, and it looks very comically. Secretary birds are quite big, 1.3 to 1.4 meters in high with a wing span of more than 2 meters. They have powerful and long legs.

His images of the Leopard fight with a series of leopard fight photos was published on the  Wild Card Blog

The two female leopards were at it for a few seconds. The air were full of action and dust, with these strange growling sounds. As quick as it began it was over, one of the females submitted to the other one and the battle was won. This happened on our last afternoon drive in the Auob River towards Mata Mata, it caught as off-guard. something we never expected.

Media Drum world also published an article about his African Fish EagleMedia Drum World

On my first trip to Kruger Nation Park we stayed at Lower Sabi camp. The first morning at Lower Sabi Dam I saw this fish Eagle sitting high up in a branch overlooking the dam. Suddenly he dive bomb from the branch and catches a fish just in front of a crocodile. Each time he flew away and after a few minutes returned back to the branch. He definitely had a nest witch chicks that he was feeding as this played out several times during the day.

Out of 25 593 photos entered into the African Geographic 2018 competition his image of the Wasp ended up under the top 25 photosAfrican Geographic 

We were running out of water in the desert at Mabuasehube Botswana and was told that we might get some water from an old maintenance site. This is a very arid and dry area of Botswana and where there is water there is life. We found a water tap in the open and found that there was a lot of bee and insects that was more than happy to share the water with us. I had to go flat down on my stomach on the desert sand to be able to photograph this wasp.

A series of two female leopards fighting was also published on Mail Online News. Mail Online

A Leopard fight in the Kalagadi. The leopards was most of the time in mid-air as they scratch and bite at each other. Originally thought to be a mating fight between a male and female, turns out to be a territorial fight between two female leopards. Although not the best light for photography as we took the pictures with the sun straight in front of us, it is still a once in a life time sighting that Annette and I will perish for ever.

The image of the juvenile Bataleur Eagle appeared on the cover page of the weekly selection for week 11 in the African Geographic competition of 2018.

On our trip to the Kgalagadi, I caught this juvenile Bateleur eagle at Qubitjie Quab water hole busy sun bathing with stretched wings in the sun. Bateleurs often sun. They stand upright and hold their wings straight out to the sides and tipped vertically, a classic ‘phoenix’ pose, and they turn to follow the sun. They exposes the wing feathers to direct sunlight, warming up the oils in the feathers, which the bird then spreads over the feather with its beak to improve its aerodynamics. This spreading of the wings is a well-known habit of the Bateleur according to several sources. This particular Bateleur was not satisfied with sunbathing the front only After 3 to 4 minutes of sunbathing upright, he flopped onto his belly with wings still spread, as if wanting to sunbathe his back and upper wings in the same way

Greyhound Race ” Dust Duel” was featured in the VISTA and was overall best image in a PSSA National Interclub competition.

Greyhound racing is Illegal now in South Africa but before it became Illegal when he just started out as a photographer at the local camera club his photo was published in the local news paper the VISTA. Starting out at our local photo club I Photographed Greyhounds in a town 20 Km from my hometown. Greyhound racing is illegal in South Africa and they do not race anymore. I really enjoyed taking photographs of this muscular dog which sometimes reached speeds of 70 km around the track. It really improved my skills in taking photos of animals at high speeds. I miss taking photographs of this beautiful animals but do understand the bigger picture, although according to me the owners of these dogs really loved their dogs and take good care of them.

One of their most favorite places for wildlife photography is the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Park is a large wildlife reserve and conservation area in southern Africa. The park straddles the border between South Africa and Botswana and about 38 000 square kilometers in size. Kgalagadi means: “Place of thirst”.

Their gear:

Fanie and Annette Heymans gear consists mainly of Canon equipment. Thank you for taking the time browsing  Fanie and Annette Heymans website!

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