Vignetting Black & White Photos

Vignetting photos is often an unintended and undesired effect caused by camera settings or lens limitations. However, it is sometimes deliberately introduced for a creative effect.

Let me show you an image before the effect is applied, and thereafter. It is up to you to decide which photo has the most impact.

When the vignette effect is applied to ones images, it means that it is the darkening of the edges of a photo which are the furthest from the center of your photograph. It draws the eye to the center of the image, framing the edges in darkness. It keeps the viewers eye on the subject in your photo.

It can be created using post processing software, such as Adobe’s Lightroom, Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and much other post processing software. The extent of post processing vignette is controlled by the photographer, and can most certainly add creativity to your photographs. The vignetting photos effect can also be achieved by the use of special filters.

As you can see, there are compositional and artistic situations where it’s pleasing to use them and it certainly add creativity to your photographs. It does not work on all photos but on some it just gives the photo more impact. You can achieve the WOW! Factor with this effect. I would really like to hear your comment on this subject. Let’s hear from you on our blog!

The photograph of the Zebra’s looks totally different, and much-much more impact.  More how would you put it pleasing to the eye. Yeah-yeah I know that jou cannot manipulate wildlife pictures. I would most probably get a lot of critics for this. But it still is your photo, and you may do with it as you are pleased, period.

You should decide if you want to vignette or to not vignette. What is your opinion about the vignetting photos effect? Do you love it or don’t you like the effect? Take some of you undesirable Black & White photos and turn them into master pieces, giving them that visual impact.

I simply love the effect of vignetting on my Black & White images. I am applying vignetting artistically to enhance the visual impact of my photos. In my personal opinion, it is sometimes also advisable to vignette ones images. There are photographers who love the dramatic impact or effect of vignetting, and yet, others do not seem to like it at all. I think it all comes down to personal preference.

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