B/W Wildlife Photography

B/W wildlife photography settings can add drama to your wildlife images, that color will hide from the viewer.
It keeps you focused on the actual composition and texture of the photo.
The impact of a B/W wildlife image is increased by tenfold.
That is why some photos look more convincing and compelling in black and white.
It gives the image an artistic feel to them. It is timeless and relevant in any era.
High key and low key photography make use of lighting and contrast to create a specific mood.
Therefore, low key is dark, black & shadows. Low key photos are darker and have more shadow.
Low key photos add drama and tension the extend that it look more dramatic and emotional.
Photographers normally favor low key images more than high key images.
High key photography is bright, light & white images. They are bright and don’t have many shadows, to such extend that some elements of the image may even be pure white.
High key photos tend to have a peacefulness, dreamy and positive feel to them.
Using low key and high key techniques, enhances the mystery and wonder of a photo, and the beauty and grace of animals.
This type of photography can also help to create a feeling of mood or atmosphere in an image.
It puts the animal at the center of all the attention, and highlighting the main photographic element the animal.
Very important is to keep your composition as simple as possible.

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