B/W Scapes Photography:

B/W Scapes photography is a timeless art form that you can learn, practice, and become passionate about very quickly.
It allows you to give a true artistic interpretation of the original scene.
It has shown that it relies upon the concepts of form, texture, lines, contrast, tonality, and composition to engage the viewer.
Tonality plays an important role in B/W photography as it determines how grades of grey tones interact with each other.
Contrast is the difference of light between dark shadows and bright lights.
The more contrasted your images are, the more successful your B/W photos will be.
A B/W image can be dramatic,striking, engaging, breath taking, and definitely moody.
One of the most important things you can do in your quest for great B/W images, is to train your eye to look for shadows, patterns, textures, and lines.
Here, the golden hour even play’s a bigger roll than in color. It’s a great time to look for interesting shadows that are particularly long, which can form the basis of a great B/W photo.
Color is one of the first things that grabs attention on a photo, but without color, you’ll be looking for other strong visual elements in the forms of lines and shapes – light and shades to tell your story.
Less is definitely more in black and white photography. Try to de-clutter the photograph and remove unnecessary elements.
The simplicity of B/W photography benefits greatly from negative space.
Using negative space, can be as simple as finding solid backdrops like a clear sky or empty wall.
It continues to be a powerful mode of photography that can drive your message with more emotional impact.

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